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A term used for someone who constantly sucks, chews, bites, or knaws on object either do to practice for there nightly routine or to think.
by glubbie May 18, 2010
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A psychological condition first theorized by Sigmond Freud resulting when a person needs perpetual simulation with their mouth. This is manifested from the oral stage of development, from birth-18 months, when breastfeeding occurs.

If a baby is weened either too early or too late in development, it's thought he will develop an oral fixation. This may contribute to behaviors involving the mouth such as smoking, alcholism, over-eating, talking too much, or having an abrassive or "biting" personality.
"Jane just never seems to stop bitching people out. Seems she has an oral fixation."
by Stephanie S November 19, 2005
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A psychological condition in which a person is unconsciously obsessed with the mouth and feels the need to always be sucking or chewing something. May lead to overweightness, nail-biting and other habits, and excessive cock-gobbling.
Bob: "Hey Rick, why do you like fat girls so much? Is it because there's more cushion for the pushin'?"
Rick: "No."
Bob: "Is it because you need to feel dominated by a larger woman and forced into a submissive role in bed?"
Rick: "Hell naw."
Bob: "Is it because they're like to ride, but you don't want your friends to see you on them?"
Rick: "Nope."
Bob: "Well is it because of the huge ghetto ass and the tig ol' bitties?"
Rick: "Well, um, not really."
Bob: "Are you just a Tri Delt groupie, and they just happen to all be fat?"
Rick: "No, but those Tri Delt girls go all out in the sack, let me tell you."
Bob: "Is it because they're desperate, which makes them easier than first grade math class?"
Rick: "You're getting closer."
Bob: "Is it because of the oral fixation, which is probably the reason they're fat in the first place?"
Rick: "Hell yeah dogg! Sometimes a nigga just gotta get his dick sucked!"
Bob: "I hear you, brother."
by Nick D May 28, 2004
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The condition that Daniel Howell has, mostly meaning that a gay guy enjoys sucking dick.
Did you hear about Dan's oral fixation? I'm sure Phil Lester doesn't mind it at all.
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by dabpancakes May 09, 2018
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