The way in which a retard would spell 'orifice'.
"I am a complete douche. Orafice."
by abörted hitler cöck April 19, 2008
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Can Be Refered To As One's Hole
Pick One Of the many orafices my body has to offer and place it there!
by Richard Twells April 12, 2005
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The unfortunate sound of a fart or burb that goes horribly wrong.
Greg's fart sounded as if he sharted, creatiing an embarassing orafice malfunction.
by Tony from the Lido October 7, 2011
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The hole in the abdomen attached to a colostomy bag. A rarely used sexual orafice whose use is often frowned upon by polite society. This orafice is not found on all people, but when found should be used with care.
Betty and Bill had been married for nearly 42 years and there was little magic left in their marriage. But after many beers and shots of tequila they discovered that her Gaston Extra Orafice was a great way to bring back the magic. Bill was especially aroused when he realized that this Gaston Dirty No No Hole allowed him to do an Alabama Hot Pocket with out all the work.
by bullyschongle March 18, 2010
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