You know what's great about life? It doesn't matter. I don't mean that it doesn't matter what's great about life, I mean that what's great about life is that it doesn't matter. Politics doesn't matter, aliens don't matter, black holes don't matter, we don't matter.. nothing matters. We have nothing to prove, nothing to strive for. Life is nothing, it's probably an illusion anyway. We might as well all be dead. Why care about anything? See that painting - who cares? It probably doesn't exist.. but it sure is beautiful.. See that roller coaster? Oh, who cares, there's no point anyway.. but it sure is fun.. See that human you're in love with? Who cares, they're not even real and love is an illusion! Well yeah.. but it still feels really nice and it's a lot of fun.. so why not just kick back, relax and enjoy yourself on the pointless and non-existent but undeniably awesome ride of life!
B - If I'm a Nihilist, then why am I in love with A?! -internal crisis-
E - Dude, chill. Have you heard of Optimistic Nihilism...?
by miscblob February 27, 2016
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The knowledge that there is nothing. Everything life appears to be is but a perception. 'morals' and 'facts' are all subjective.
Despite this, the only escape provides little alternative, as that leads to the cessation of all thought. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts :)
I believe in Optimistic Nihilism. If there's nothing else out there, I still enjoy what I've got.
by pianofortepianoforte November 25, 2008
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Finding comfort in the fact that everything is meaningless
Optimistic nihilism - “Life’s a pointless game. Nobody’s here for a reason and humanity itself is insignificant. Nothing is meant to be or set in stone. No one has a purpose to their life. It’s kind of comforting and freeing, you know.. really takes a weight off your shoulders” - C
by Saddygirl July 12, 2019
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Looking at the bright and disturbingly hilarious side of a situation while never sacrificing the reality of that situation
Some say the divorce rate for marriage is going up while I say the death rate for marriage is going down. That is what optimistic nihilism is.
by optimistic nihilist May 22, 2014
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