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The knowledge that there is nothing. Everything life appears to be is but a perception. 'morals' and 'facts' are all subjective.
Despite this, the only escape provides little alternative, as that leads to the cessation of all thought. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts :)
I believe in Optimistic Nihilism. If there's nothing else out there, I still enjoy what I've got.
by pianofortepianoforte November 24, 2008

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When a guy finds out a girl has recently broken up with her boyfriend, and tries to have sex with her, he becomes a Tisshoulder.
This is because he poses as a 'shoulder to cry on' and has a metaphorical 'tissue' on his shoulder, representing his 'caring' nature.
Person A: Hey I heard Mandy broke up with her boyfriend!
Person B: Oh no, better cheer her up with a quick shag!
Person A: Man, you're such a Tisshoulder. Bad attitude man.
by pianofortepianoforte December 07, 2008

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A particularly disgusting phrase implying any of the following:

1. 'Epic banter' has just failed.
2. 'Banter' has just failed in an 'epic' way
3. A fresher tried to use every word they just learned at university in one go and ironically suffered an 'epic banter fail' themselves.

NB: NEVER say this.
John: "Last night was epic!"
Sophie: "Yeah, so much banter!"
Alison: "No, last night was a fail!"
Fresher: (panics) EPIC BANTER FAIL! *cough*
by pianofortepianoforte January 02, 2011

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