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Some Ali Baba story sh*t where he went to a cave or whatever and when he said the magic wordsopen sesame” this big sesasasame-seed looking rock moved
“You got cash in your safe?”

“Lemme check. Open Sesame
*clonk* safe opens
by dobiiidob April 17, 2018
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term to describe an automatic door opener...
also used to describe that u want something quick done right u wanted it done yesterday
waving a magic wand anytime u want something done right away
i want it done right away...
i want it done yesterday...
i wanted it done yesterday
i wish i can say open sesame and cook breakfast, do laundry, walk the dog, feed the fish, clean my room, clean the house, fix the car...etc, etc, etc...
by blthrskt December 29, 2005
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