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a sound ppl make when they're struggling during a fight
James Bond and Oddjob fighting in Goldfinger:

Oddjob: *karate chops bond in the stomach and throws fim across the floor*

Bond: Ooomph
by jamesbondfan February 26, 2011
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The noise a person might make when they are close to shitting themselves. Often made during the run-up to the toilet to signal to others they are desperate. It is like an extended "oh no", but very drawn-out to add drama and excitement to the situation. This noise may be heard throughout the shitting process, and will often be accompanied by vigerous sweating and closed eyes due to severe pain yet a sense of relief.
(Running to the toilet), ooomph! oooooomph! (People move out of the way). (Sitting on the toilet, with closed eyes). Ooomph! Ooomph! "Dude, can you hear that guy shitting? He must be desperate". Oooooooooooomph. (Leaves toilet).
by martinadam May 18, 2010
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A word to also define the level of enjoyment from sex.

Also used when stating that the weekend has started.
1. He was like well fit, like 10 out of 10 for ooomph.
2. The weekend has started...........Oooomph!!!!!!!!!!!
by Brockers April 12, 2008
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