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Onyeka is a kind girl who'll be there for people that care about her. She's secretive and has a lot of emotions, don't mess with her when she's mad. She has the most beautiful eyes and a very very warm heart. If you ever meet an onyeka, keep her close with you. She'll never judge you, and she's so freaking cute. Onyekas are really smart and good when it comes to study so if you ever need help :) her help is always there. She's not afraid to give opinions and advice, In fact one of the best advice giver.
"Have you seen onyeka?! She's smart and I really need help on this paper because I'm dumb."
"Dangggg she must be an onyeka she's so good with sports"
by weirdrandompersonever January 01, 2017
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Have you seen Alex?
Alex? He's such an onyeka.
by sweguy123 September 19, 2016
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