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A condition where the government,elites,or other power people can ruin the life of common man with the click of a button. This condition is brought on by significant technological proliferation. Examples of this proliferation include, self-driving cars, wearable devices and mass data collection by corporate entities done through the devices they sell.
Dude I messed up.
What did you do?
Yesterday I found out the girl I was seeing from Tinder is the daughter of the Chief of Police.
So....why is that big deal?
We were out last night,and when I took her back home he accused me of corrupting his daughter.
Is she underage?
No, of course not...but now all of my bank accounts are frozen, and now I don't know what to do.
Dude that's some "One Click Tyranny" bullshit, I'd call a lawyer.
by hel112570 November 7, 2019
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1) (Web)Site that has / had one interesting topic that one time is interesting but fails to continue producing interesting topic.
2) Software that has a strong focus on reducing the amount of clicks needed to get where one once to go.
1) You remember that one-click wonder about fukushima pictures? I wonder if they are still up.

2) This Software is a One Click Wonder, I could track my time so fast, I didn't even notice it.
by flubberwookie January 15, 2012
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When you add a friend of Face Book, then regret it OR dont pay attention to it.
-"Dude, why is Emily your friend! Shes so annoying!"

-"I know. It was just a One Time Click"

by samdudehudson October 14, 2009
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to knock someone out with one punch
"Hey Steve, I just one-clicked that kid"
by tiny43093 March 6, 2010
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