A quirk passed down generation to generation by a hero.
All mights quirk is called one for all
by MyHeroAcaFan October 19, 2019
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That means getting united, same to "all for one".
We stand and we won't fall
We are the one for all
~ "Youth Gone Wild" - Skid Row
by Barry love Rock and Roll June 1, 2014
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A deep saying from FMA (FullMetal Alchemist). One is you, and all is the world. Let's say you are surviving alone in a forest, or anywhere. You see, you have to eat something, right? Let's say you ate meat, such as rabbits or fish, and that animal that you ate would've died. And if you did not eat, you would've died. When you die, you will rot and become nutrients to the grass, plants, etc. And those grass will be eaten by the rabbits. And then the cycle starts again. You see, the place you're surviving might have been underwater a long time ago, and in the next tens of thousands of years, it might be a peak of the mountain! It's all connected! Everything you see, everyone you meet, it is connected in one big unseen flow, but it is bigger than that, it's the entire world, the entire universe even. And compared to something like that, we are just a very small part of the universe. If we put together all those ones, we get one great all. The flow follows the law of such magnitude, that even both of us, you and me can't imagine it. You have to understand that flow, deconstruct it and reconstruct it. It is also referred to as living. So basically when you ate the rabbit, it became part of you. And the grass that the rabbit ate, became part of it. We, the 'one' has to die to become nutrients to the grass and plants. So technically, Life needs death, and death need life.
'Find out what the meaning of "One is all, All is one"'
by Masahiro Kane September 17, 2017
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I term with great meaning. AS confusing as it seems, it makes sense. The World is the All, and you are the One. Worlds existence, and ability to move forward is dependent on this law. With death, comes life, and with life comes death. Thr world is big, but little things like people and animals are what keeps it going. If you die, the world continues on, you will decompose, and become nutrients for plants, and herbivores eat those plants, and carnivores eat the herbivores, they die, and life starts over. The world always moves forward, a constant cycle. Life needs death...and death needs life.
It is the one thing that binds this planet together...One is All, All is one
by Mustache Man September 25, 2005
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Popular catchphrase that means one person represents all, and that all must do everything for one. Put simply, means true brotherhood.
The Musketeers! Dartagnion!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 2, 2004
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In the anime Full Metal Alchemist, the two main characters Ed and Al Elric are asked by their soon to be teacher to answer this question. Their answer was the world is the all and they are the one. She laughs because although the answer was right in a sense, they were thinking too small. The correct answer would have been:

All is one refers to the fact that, everything in the world is interconnected, no matter how disconnected they are, and they are all part of the one entity, the Universe. One is all, means the Universe is what makes up everything.
Tell me the meaning of one is all, all is one.
by svmetalman August 19, 2019
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No matter the circumstances or persons involved.. someone is getting fisted and they can't control it.
Friend 1: These college loans are killing me.

Friend 2: We all are, one size fists all man.

Friend 1: The cops just raided the bar and now there are no girls here.

Friend 2: There are some pretty big girls here, come over man. One size fists all!!
by TastesLikeLemons57 October 17, 2011
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