One Trick Pony; is used to describe a friend, acquaintance or stranger, who has very few talents, sayings, jokes or skills.
by A J C April 5, 2006
a person or thing with only one special feature, talent, or area of expertise.
She's good looking but she has no character or substance she's a one trick pony.

The guys got money but he's wotless one trick pony yute.
by Arron j smith August 24, 2021
People that are decent or good at 1 thing, but fucking shit at everything else
"Dude Desmond is so good at Lux!"

"He's the shittiest player unless he's mid because he's a fucking one trick pony."
by nautilussssssss December 11, 2018
Generally used in MOBAs, this is the act of using only one person/character in a game, without stray.
Man 1: I only play D.Va.
Man 2: Then you're a one trick pony.
by Skitzophrenic March 6, 2018
People who are decent or better at one certain thing but suck at everything else.
"Dude Desmond is so good at Lux!"

"He's a fucking one trick pony. He is the worst fucking jungler in NA."
by nautilussssssss December 11, 2018
someone with only one talent, accomplishment, etc.
He has only ever been in one movie. He is a one-trick pony.
by The Return of Light Joker January 13, 2008
one trick pony is a ginger horse
"you is such a one trick pony"
"cause you is neigh good"
by adi chaos May 1, 2008