The biggest pile of wank known to humanity. Each member in the boy band, stick each others genitalia in each others back passage. Forming a circle, whilst singing "This is what makes me beautiful."

Most girls say "me 4 harry styles" etc etc etc. When actually the boys don't even know they exist.

Nearly as gay as Justin Beiber.
Judith: "Ohhh, that was painful i just shat out One Direction."

Casandra: " Oh that smells awful, oh Judith that's disgraceful!"

Gerald: "Judith, let me see!"

*10 seconds later*
*Gerald vomits over Casandra's face whilst Casandra is in so shock she shits out Justin Beiber.*
by donkeyballs95 April 01, 2012
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A boy band in this year's (2010) X-Factor, put together by Simon Cowell. It consists of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan. Each of them have their own dedicated fan groups who often argue about which band member is the best. Hugely popular with teenage girls across Britain, they are like the second-coming of JLS but generally better looking and younger.

An infaturation with this band is termed 'One Direction Infection'.
Leila: Who are you voting for tthis Saturday on X-Factor?

Francesca: One Direction of course! ZOMG I love Liam Payne sooo much!

Leila: no, Harry Styles is definitely the best.

*random third girl*: no way, Zayn Malik is the one for me *swoons*.
by Cuppa Tea? October 22, 2010
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Crappy Ass Pop/Boy Band act, only famous for winning The X Factor, who are really just another manufactured "band" put there for girls to go crazy over.
One Direction have no place in the world of music-and just like their predecessors (Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Backstreet Boys, etc.) their success will fade soon and within a year or two they will be all but forgotten.
by GaaraoftheDamned November 20, 2012
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Some ugly gay boy "band" One Direction. That has a lot less talent then Mindless Behavior. If you like them, you DO have a mental disease.

There is nothing wrong with being gay unless you are from one direction.
"I just listened to One Direction and I am clawing at my ears"

"Which band is age ranged from 15-16 and has a BET award, went platinum, is sexy, has a movie coming out, launches their own tour, has one album and is already working on another, and took over 2012? Not One Direction"
by Mindless as fuck August 18, 2012
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A Gay Boyband that wont be around next year.
They are a discgrace to music
Wow that band is shitty
Cant believe you listen to One Direction
by classicrock23 August 02, 2012
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Possibly one of the worst 'boybands' in the world - if they can even call them selves that! They are the worst people ever and dont even care about there directioners! There in it for the money and should go jump off a cliff! They are all ugly little dicks!
Girl: Have you heard one direction?
Me: Yes they are the worst people ever
Girl: Yes i totally agree with you there!
by Fangirl123456 July 08, 2012
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One Direction is a UK boy band that consists of five young rascals, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. They make the females go crazy. Like really, CRAZY BRO. What these poor females don't understand is that these young rascals are flaming homosexuals. Yes that's right ladies, FAGGOTS. Some would say that they just have a "bromance" but their interactions with each other on camera is proof that their "bromance" is much more homoerotic than friendly man love.
"What direction do five gay guys walk? One Direction."

Tommy: Hey bro my dog is acting more queer than One Direction."

Jimmy: "Burn the poor bastard then."
by TheHolyGrailofMadness July 11, 2012
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