a person who claims they want to have "bite one" of someone else's food but ends up actually eating the whole thing in one bite
*Person eating a candy bar*

Hungry Person: May i have just one bite of that?

Person Eating: Just one small bite okay? Im very hunrgy

Hungry Person: Sure! No problem! *eats whole candy car in one bite"

by sexiest person alive April 19, 2012
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-To get the whole experience in “One bite”
-hooking up with someone once and it’s all you need
-One night stand
“Dude! I met this total One bite at the bar last night, won’t call her.”
by Benn_mcd September 17, 2018
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1. expression indicating that one has left abruptly

2. expression indicating that one is departing speedily

Typically used at the end of a conversation, especially when one party needs to physically leave the location of the conversation in question.

Alternate definition(s):

1. (descriptive utterance) used to indicate one's own awesomeness
Person 1: "ay foo, we're gonna have tacos tonight, you tryna stay and eat?"
Person 2: "dude i'll take a taco, but i can't stay long, i gotta be one bite and gone"

**alternate definition**

Person 1: "SNAPS dog, how do you keep making those 3-pointers?!"
Person 2: "haha i dunno man, i guess these days i'm just one bite and gone"
by B-Lazy December 11, 2013
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suffering the inability to consume the final bite of a meal, yet if a full serving was presented you could physically be able to consume the food.
Trey: "oh dude, i can't finish this last bite of cake."
Quincy: "come on man, it's one bite."
T: "yea dude, i know, but i physically just can't do this."
Q: "shit brah, you must have one bite syndrome."
by rye guy2376583 March 17, 2008
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A famous phrase that can be used when life presents you with a decent opportunity for you to prove yourself and you still fuck it up.
guy1: Hey I finally confronted that girl I told I like.
guy2: Oh Miranda? Great, how did it go?
guy1: Well surprisingly she sat down next to me and gave me an open chance. I was too nervous so I ran away.
guy1: Another One Bites the Dust.
by dicgreyfox October 23, 2018
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This phrase originated from western movies/television shows. When someone got shot and fell on their Face into the dirt, they quite literally “bite the dust!!”
“He shot every single man and then the leader... !”
“Yeah, another one bites the dust!!”
by PeterPanMom February 20, 2020
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1. A song by the band Queen.
2. A phrase that, when backmasked, vaguely resembles the phrase "It's fun to smoke marijuana."
3. An event such as a death or an injury.
by AgentViper February 23, 2008
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