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An Onat is an extremely special person. Yes he's intelligent, witty, sarcastic, sweet and funny. He IS many, many things. He says exactly what he thinks and feels exactly when he wants to. Onat's can be patient so much so he might wait 9 years before revealing his true feelings for someone lucky enough to be the object of his affection. He's addictive like chocolate ~ with you always wanting more. An Onat is a very detail oriented person, he notices everything. Armed with his thoughts and a good sized vocabulary women are sure to get moist when speaks. Onat's are very sexual and arouse easily. They crave deep intense sexual interaction with mainly dark haired women. Onat's have very, very thick cocks and there is huge debate whether carpets and curtains match, but Onat's brush it off and say "yo are color blind". Onat's always brighten your day and if you have one in your life... ( kind of like a leprechaun) don't ever let him go.
Onat: Yo Babes i just want you to know i love you
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by Stacyy June 09, 2018
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