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When someone is so horny that you have to tell them to take it down a notch. Effective way to tell some one to back off
Guy: you know I would do you so right~
Girl: Boi, trim them horns you're not doing sh*t
by Cease your faggotry June 3, 2017
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When you're on YouTube clicking one video after the next. Watching whatever looks interesting.
Friend: whoa you look like you haven't slept in days
You: that's because I haven't, I've been surfing the tube all night
by Cease your faggotry August 29, 2017
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Tahiyya. A name for a smart female girl and is easily mispronounced. She is usual shy and quiet but has a great sense of humor and is a good friend to have. She is very artistic,creative, and a bookworm
Tahiyya: ho my name is Tahiyya
Person: uh Ta- what?
Tahiyya: it's Tahiyya Ta-hi-ya
by Cease your faggotry May 14, 2017
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Personality wise ona is someone who's attitude changes quickly. Although he's a good friend to have he gives off a no bullshit vibe, he can be sweet one second and an asshole the next. No one get in his way. ona is very loyal and protective and cares for the people close to him. He'd set the world aflame if it meant he could keep the people he cared about safe. He's not too hard to look at either but just don't piss him off or there will be hell to pay.

so basically you definitely want to be on his good side
man ona is suck a tight ass, I asked him for a pencil, just a damn pencil and he told me to go fuck myself. smh
by Cease your faggotry May 4, 2018
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When your swimming in a pool and you suddenly feel the temperature rise and realize your swimming in someone else's pee and immediately leave the pool and never want to get in one again.
Girl: eh no I have hydrophobia from..last time
Friend: I said I was sorry it just..leaked
Girl: I'm never swimming again.
by Cease your faggotry July 19, 2017
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When your level of boredom has reach such extremes that you have reached a death like state in which you think and do nothing.
His friend : *is talking about nothing*
Guy : .........
His friend: lol is you dead...yo... dude! Oh my god! BRUH say something
Guy: oh my bad, I was momentarily bored to death what were you saying?
by Cease your faggotry July 19, 2017
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