A sex position involving 3 men and 1 woman, where the men are leaning towards each other, supporting each others weight at the forehead, while the woman takes it from behind from one guy while simultaneously fellating or stroking the penis of the other two men. From a distance they're forming a pyramid shape.
Hey guys, my forehead hurts from when we were pyramiding Janet last night.
by Sirsexalot October 17, 2013
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Big ass thing egyptians as well as peoples in ancient cultures around the world used as tombs and temples.
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This sexual maneuver is performed by a menagé trois with two females and one male. The male participant lies on his back, while female one rides cowgirl and female two rides his face. They then high-five victoriously, forming a pyramid.
Sarah and Ashley laughed among themselves after seeing the guy they had built a pyramid with the weekend prior.
by Alexa Humphreys February 11, 2007
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This is a six-person maneuver and an advanced form of the Eiffel Tower. Two girls arrange themselves perpendicular to one another, the first girl resting on her hands and knees and the second arched over top the first. Two males position themselves behind each girl and initiate anal sex. The remaining two males place themselves in front of the girls and engage in oral sex. All four males then high-five one another simultaneously. The two females can also be swapped with two males, and the males in the front can potentially be swapped with two female participants.
"Chris, Tanner, Raphael and Harry all yelled "FUCK BITCHES GET MONEY" as they all came inside the two sluts they were fucking in the pyramid position."
by BuddyButtPirate November 07, 2011
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To put one's fingertips together, palms slightly spread, and forcefully thrust one's hands up and into the anus of an unsuspecting fool, with vigor, while yelling "BAM"!
After pyramiding him, Fez was owned by Ray and his incredible upper body strength, despite having both of his ACL's intact.
by Billferty January 14, 2006
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Pyramid Rock Festival. A New Year's music festival held on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. 2 days of fun, frivolity and getting fucked up, with the help of bands, booze and beaches.
Dude, are you coming to Pyramid this year? Last year was awesome! I passed out after 4 hours and missed the entire first night of bands. It was still worth the $, though.
by Šteggs September 23, 2007
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When a man laying on his back, has a woman laying on his face and crotch. Girls then proceed to make out forming a pyramid
Those two girls I went home with got herpies from participating in the pyramid.
by Colton69 November 30, 2006
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