As fast as possible; within two days; pronto; ASAP
Yo dawg, it's raining all week. I need that windshield wiper install on prime!
by chucci253 December 14, 2020
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When you are the best version of yourself in appearance. Derived from the phrase "In his prime" used for celebrities being in the best stage of their carrier.

The word Primero may also be used when you are also one of the best looking people in a certain group
- I'm feeling so prime today. I'm going to pull any bitch I want in da club
by Xarrisss December 8, 2022
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enthusiastically ready for something, stoked
dude I am so primed for that babefest at Kristy's tonight!
by bonzai February 23, 2005
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A hydration drink by Logan Pool and knowledge strength and integrity
Fatneek is the owner of Prime
by fatneekfan123 July 2, 2022
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To get drunk/buzzed in advance before going to a bar or club to avoid the expensive drinks there.
Hey Mark lets get primed before the club
by peee ceee teee vee October 15, 2007
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Prime (adj), (adv) or (noun):Cool

Synonyms: Tight, sweet, awesome, off the hizzy, radical, da bomb
"That was prime"

"Your skills are prime"
by McSplat December 17, 2003
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