when someone has a kept list of enemies who they plan to ice out, or plan revenge for.
"don't tell Dan about the party. he's on my list"
by ElloLuvs November 19, 2020
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List of usually 5 famous people your significant other gives you a green light to do if you were to meet them and they were game.
There's Brad Pitt! Sorry babe, he's on "my list"! See ya' tomorrow.
by Beesmusings.blogspot.com February 26, 2008
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a statement made by ben james about his urban dictionary list
if you think my list is long now, my list goes on.
by Ben James January 29, 2003
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What you say to someone when they suggest you watch a certain show or movie.

Sometimes you mean it. More often than not you have no interest in what they've recommended, and are just saying you'll watch it one day to politely placate them.
"Oh dude, you have to watch The Expanse. It's this really cool sci-fi series."
"I'll add it to my list."
by JCR1987 March 21, 2018
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Atrocious nickname for a tracking database website called myanimelist. The website sometimes tend to go down and when they do it happens back to back often. People started making memes about how it goes down more...
by CUMSE December 05, 2020
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To be completely and utterly erased from a persons mind. Usually after pissing someone off by a)Breaking up with them. b)Telling a lie. c)Raping their first born. or d)Sellimg their kidneys to Mexicans on eBay.

Being told this is like having your balls shoved into a jet engine and listening to Angelina Jolie talk about race relations in southern Australia.

The insult of choice for Colombian militants and Russian Mafioso...
Mr.Lowe:"You did WHAT to Timmy while I was at the movies!?"
Jared:"I greased him up and shoved him through a pipe. Then fucked him."
by Fliggagoo November 28, 2005
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