When you leave your boys/homies to be with your girlfriend all night. May include traveling long distances only to get laid.

Pronounced like Homage without the H

It may also be used in the plural form, Omages, or as a gerund, Omaging
I cant Believe Colin is pulling an Omage tonight!

Wow weird, why is Colin going on an Omage?

Colin has pulled a lot of Omages this week!

Colin has been Omaging a lot lately!

by Comrade1119 December 17, 2008
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Internet short hand for:

Actual has increasingly become a youth "buzzword" in the UK rather like "random" was last year.
omAg, have you seen this?
by Adam Rooke June 02, 2005
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Oh my actual God.” A variation of “OMG” inspired by “WTAF,” the ultra-modern and ultra clever variation of “WTF.”
Laura: “Look at what she’s wearing! It’s so ugly!”

Kim: “OMAG!”
by Senor Fantastico December 14, 2019
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