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'The Hills' sadly is what's rotting the brains of the MTV generation. It's supposed to be the real-life version of 'The O.C.', but from what I've seen of it it's even less believable. What's worse is that the cast are actually celebrities. But they're everyting you don't want in a celebrity - they're dumb, phony attention-seekers!
by ShudaGone2Specsavers May 21, 2009

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The kid who uset to be play the fat kid out of 'Drake & Josh'. Now he's thin, but seems a bit shy and out of it. He's probably got issues with food.
by ShudaGone2Specsavers May 21, 2009

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The Olsen twins are the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. As babies they were took to audition for 'Full House', and they got the role because "they were the only ones who didn't cry". When 'Full House' finished, they had a line of really bad movies and were merchandised to the brim, as they had a massive fan-base. Up until they were 18 they had a squeeky clean image. Then they started doing drugs (allegedly) and become anorexic (Mary-Kate at least). Now, they seem to have vanished off the face of the Earth. You don't see the anymore. They are both focusing on fashion now (fashion book, fashion lines etc) and Mary-Kate has had a few roles in the likes of 'Samantha Who?' and 'Weeds'.
(Mary-Kate and Ashley) (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) (Olsen Twins)
by ShudaGone2Specsavers May 06, 2009

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Millions of Milkshakes is the latest celebrity bandwagon. It's an outlet at 8910 Santa Monica Boulevard (West Hollywood) that allows you to customise your own overpriced milkshake. But, even though you'll never have Barack Obama's power or Britney Spears' fame you can have a small piece of their world by purchasing a "Celebrity Shake" that they've specified. Basically, Millions of Milkshakes has thought this up to get people through the door. Millions of Milkshakes gets press. The celebrities get press. Win, win!

Wendy: "Hey, do you want to go to Millions of Milkshakes?"
Lucy: "Maybe another time, I don't feel like milkshake right now!"
Wendy: "Are you sure? Miley Cyrus went there once!"
Lucy: "Well, why didn't you say so? Of course I'll go to Millions of Milkshakes!"
by ShudaGone2Specsavers May 23, 2009

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An actress who was lucky enough to make the transition from British soap actress to co-starring in the hit American series 'Pushing Daisies'. From what I've seen from her she doesn't seem to offer anything special in terms of acting ability, but she's managed to get ahead by doing a nude scene in a film.
by ShudaGone2Specsavers June 01, 2009

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A person who's face is fat in comparison to the their body (e.g. a fat face with a normal-sized body or a normal-looking face with a skeletal body). Celebrities who have butter faces: Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus - you get the drift!
by ShudaGone2Specsavers May 29, 2009

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