To work incredibly hard at a pointless task.
Chaz: Dino wasn't at the ceremony yesterday. Do you know what happened?

Percy: Yeah. He was in the basement, toiling with his Spanish homework.
by Diggity Monkeez May 2, 2005
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Wet, dirty, messed up basically
Yo this girls pussy WAS toiled af but pussy is pussy
by Captainsaggyball April 11, 2017
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AIM lover who every month says "im going to quit" but knows deep down inside he can never quit hacking the aim software gibson.
Hey im toil and im going to quit hacking aims.

Check out the new aims i got!!!
by ochi December 22, 2004
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A word used at random. It has no meaning in the sentence.
That's crazy, toil!


She totally *toil!* busted her *toil!* car window out. *Toil!*
by OrangeChef February 20, 2020
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"He talking alot of shit so we gone "ice toil" that ass "
by @__johnnybravo__ January 20, 2013
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An otherwise pretty girl with an unusually long or big nose. A witch.

Taken from a scene in Macbeth in which three witches are chanting:

Double, double toil and trouble
fire burn and cauldron bubble
"She's looking a little double double toil and trouble in those new MySpace pics."
by David Davids0n July 20, 2009
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