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A form of government in which the candidate/party you didn't vote for governs. Suck it up.
"Dammit, I wanted Candidate X, but instead I got Candidate Y. I hate Candidate Y! He does those things I don't like! This is an outrage! This is... is... Oligarhy!!1!"
by The Oligarh August 30, 2009
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The belief the American president Barack Obama is all of the following:

1.) not a US citizen
2.) racist against white people (including his own White mother)
3.) working for ACORN
4.) a muslim
5.) a socialist
6.) a communist
7.) a Nazi
8.) actively pursuing the establishment of concentration camps for the containment of conservatives
9.) seeking to establish "death panels" that will "pull the plug on Grandma"
10.) that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by the illuminati (ie: the Jews) and that Obama was chosen by these groups to lead the New World Order.

... and any number of further baseless and outrageous claims.
That Glenn Beck on Fox News is so spot-on about the evil leftist oligarhy. Soon Orly Taints will find Obama's secret Kenyan birth certificate and then the teabagging will commence!!!
by Comrade Oligarh September 17, 2009
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