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Classic music originated specifically from the late 60's to the early 80's. Has the greatest sound liked by all ages and all colors. The most used music that the latest hip hop artists use for sampling. This music gives you a sense of feeling great and relaxed and loved every time you listen.
"When I need to be put in the mood with my lady the only thing i put on is Oldies". The Miracles- "Ooo Baby Baby", Heart Wave- "Always And Forever", The Delfonics- "I dont want to make you wait". Just some of the few great songs.
by Adrian Perez (SLEEPi) May 10, 2008
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Taken in the contest of the song Baby's Got Back by Sir-Mix-Alot he is referring to Florence Griffith Joyner a track athlete in the 1988 Olympics who defiantly fits all the other descriptions of what he likes in women mentioned in that song. Not some soda why on earth would you want to keep your women like a soda anyway?
You can have them bimbos,
I'll keep my women like Flo Jo
by Pdough May 15, 2006
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The oldies is an Aussie term for ur parents which is generally used by youth, either for their own parents or their mates.
Dirk: Ahh cunt u coming down to the beach for a quick scoob?
Nolzie: Yeah nah mate I’ve gotta get back home aye, the oldies are havin a barbie tonight.
by Tatianarostock October 06, 2019
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No manners. Small penis, and lousy in bed. As old as he sounds, very boring. Horrible kisser!
He seemed nice at first, but he turned out to be such an Oldy!
by sadlion January 21, 2017
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