Classic music originated specifically from the late 60's to the early 80's. Has the greatest sound liked by all ages and all colors. The most used music that the latest hip hop artists use for sampling. This music gives you a sense of feeling great and relaxed and loved every time you listen.
"When I need to be put in the mood with my lady the only thing i put on is Oldies". The Miracles- "Ooo Baby Baby", Heart Wave- "Always And Forever", The Delfonics- "I dont want to make you wait". Just some of the few great songs.
by Adrian Perez (SLEEPi) May 10, 2008
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The oldies is an Aussie term for ur parents which is generally used by youth, either for their own parents or their mates.
Dirk: Ahh cunt u coming down to the beach for a quick scoob?
Nolzie: Yeah nah mate I’ve gotta get back home aye, the oldies are havin a barbie tonight.
by Tatianarostock October 6, 2019
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a person that is young but act old.
James your a oldie for listening to old rock.
by c.c.1 February 9, 2011
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A THICC BEAR called "Golden Freddy" from FNAF but his nickname is Goldie. I know your doing the "ReMoVe ThE fIrSt AnD lAsT lEtTer Of YoUr NaMe" TikTok trend.
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A pet name for a person who is approx. 10 years older then the girl/guy they are dating. Usually given to a male in his 30's who wears jorts!
My oldie is living in the Petrified forest!
by J to the A-fizzle August 24, 2007
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A guy who loves the clothes, the mind state, and the music from the 70s till the early 90s. Oldies are very smart and funny people, you can trust them and they’re the best friends you can ever find
Jonh: Peter rules! He’s Indie right?
George: No dude he’s more like... an Oldie
by Oldies gang August 6, 2020
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A handjob using mayonnaise as a lube.
"Rob gave Todd an oldie last night."
"That makes me hungry for a ham sandwich."
by C. Cake July 23, 2013
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