The time period where there were a lot of guns and cowboys and general outlawishness.
"Time for a duel, Old West style."
"Consider it done."
by kloon882 May 01, 2019
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Verb - The act of grasping an individual by the back of the neck and the back of their shirt and throwing them up onto the bar and proceeding to sliding them down the entire length of the bar smashing their face into anything that gets in the way until finally throwing them off the end of the bar.
If that douchefag keeps running his mouth over there I am pretty sure I am going to have to old west his ass before the night is over, so just go ahead and leave all the empties on the bar.
by Hulk Thomas December 05, 2009
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term used when refering to an extreme form of revenge. Like what the main character does in most westerns. The person this is said to is always someone who is ignoble and ussually done something to a woman to bring on the punishment. if you say this you better make him wish he was rather receiving a Pelican Bay style donkey punch from bubba the 300 lbs black man for a year straight then face what you've done.
also said ol'west
you lay a fucking hand on her again and i swear to god i will go ol'west on your ass. I will go after your friends, your family, and everythin you ever cared about. I will fucking destroy them. I will leave you a broken man.
by Vronish Kez March 10, 2005
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When a man performs cunnilingus on a woman experiencing her menstrual flow.
Reggie: So, bobby walks into the her room and finds a certain very well-known rapper playing the RAGTIME standard at the old west saloon on his old lady...

ARVN: Reg, you're bullshiting me. holy niggertron. and what happened then?

Reggie: well, bobby whipped out his cock on lupe ta-do, made like the OK corral, won the gun slinging, and then made like wyatt earp and busted two shots on his ol' lady MAE WEST.

ARVN: no hawaii?

Reggie: no hawaii.
by Mack 10 the knife February 23, 2010
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