Seeing the movie Old Dogs made me want to kick Robin Williams in the nuts.
by thedickhead December 24, 2009
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The illegal practice of secretly watching old people kissing and cuddling.
Alex! have you been Old Dogging outside that retirement home again!
by Billy November 4, 2004
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A older man who seeks the charms of younger ladies.
Charlie's girlfriend is 17 years younger then him, Charlie's an old dog.
by Oldmanjenkins78 May 19, 2018
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An old dog is a Targeted Individual who has survived years of being gangstalked. He has endured night after night of sexual attraction tests, he or she has been treated like a pervert, offered a virtual person to react to sexually, they are masturbated people "7" with a cord (yellow and black) attaches the genitals, they are asked to make imaginary love with the evoked potential person. The TI is punished for feeling pleasure.
by TIexperience September 7, 2019
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Hey look at jake over there with all those girls! He's going to get laid tonight the salty old dog.
by Bees harrow March 27, 2015
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when someone looks worse for wear, rough looking, usually older women trying to look younger than they are.
Look at that old woman dressed like a teenager, she looks as rough as old dogs tits!
by Anna Hughes August 2, 2007
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means its old rough and not pleasant to look at/ feel
That old lady wearing a mini skirt looks as rough as old dog's tits.


After 20 tequila shots I feel as rough as old dog's tits.
by AnnaHughes July 7, 2007
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