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Although they tried to get over on us, they'll soon realize we aren't falling for the okey doke anymore!
by Cree1.0 February 24, 2018
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Urban use: A con. Beat in the head.

Rural use: Affirmative. Yes.
Urban use: Street kid- 'Trey bought that stick of incense for 2 bucks, that nig got okeydoked.

Rural use: Blue Power Ranger- 'Okeydoke Zordon It'll be done'
by Ronzula March 18, 2008
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1. someone whose been tricked or duped
2. a trick
3. someone who was slipped something i.e.drugs or alcohol
"Man that okey doke was easy prey, we got his money and his car from him without him even realizing."
"They played an okey doke on you, shad"
"He's just an okey doke,his friends slipped him something in his drink"
by afrochika September 24, 2003
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Another way of saying okay, affirmative, roger that, or sure, sure thing, or alright

Related form is okey dokey
Naomi: When you go to the grocery store, could you get some Nutella?
Dawayne: Okeydoke.
by papermachete February 22, 2006
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To go along with something until you are in a position where you can get your way.
Girl, thats the okey doke, you do what he wants, marry him, and then you run his life.
by MiZ Kissez November 25, 2005
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