you are probably searching this up because you are bored. can be used in three different ways- ok, k and okay. the way a person uses ok tells us a lot about their personality.
(In a Group Chat)
Person 1- Please send the meme ASAP.
Person 2- ok wait
Person 3- okay wait
Person 4- k. wait.
by yahomieboi January 18, 2020
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Expression used over text:
1. A (slightly) confused expression of comprehension

2. Agreeing or comprehending something you don’t care about
(Over text)
Me: I’m going to see my ex tomorrow

Friend: No! Don’t do that

Me: Okay..
Me: Why?
via giphy
by Drewniak21 October 05, 2020
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the only acceptable way to say "OK/ok". while "okay" looks pretty, the other spelling variations of the word look dumb. however, if "Ok/ok" is part of a phrase that is culture-relevant, it is alright to use.
Person 1: Ok, no problem.
Person 2: ew why'd you use "ok" instead of "okay"?
Person 1: It takes less time to time
Person 2: ok boomer
by harrysgoldcn August 22, 2020
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