A fucking beast with a big dick. No one is as strong as him. He loves to Yeet his friends and is great with girls. If he says he is a virgin...he is lying ;).
Bruh i wish i was Ojas
by I Yeeted Ur Bitch December 04, 2019
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Doing an ojas refers to the act of attempting to wingman your friend and get him in with the chick he likes, but instead getting in with said chick himself and gets with her; putting a ho before a bro
Guy 1: bro, Joel was getting me in with that chick

Guy 2: yeah?

Guy 1: but he dogged it hard and did an ojas

Guy 2: wew what a rat
by TheBlackMiracle September 28, 2014
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sexy indian. usually funny. always chill with the girls. knows it well in bed.
Girl 1- did you meet any guys last night?
Girl 2- hell yeah. i met ojas.
Girl 1- damn i needa call his indian ass up.
by IAMWHOIAM1234567890 February 23, 2011
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A cool Indian Guy with extremely bad luck with girls. Nerdy, pokemon freak...but has a cute butt!

To be rejected by a girl in a manner that the boy actually likes it.
Oh that girl rejected him again, she made an ojas out of him..and he's jumpimg in joy already!!
by Kaina kaaa September 26, 2010
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A hot sexy Indian that is amazing at sports. Brave and funny but can get annoying. Knows it well in bed.
Yo, Ojas K. is soo cool
by #Horse May 29, 2018
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