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1) Occurs when a tropical weather system interacts with an oil spill. The oilcane exhibits normal hurricane tendencies in its strong winds and heavy rains, but achieves its namesake in its ability to hurl oil in a haphazardly manner.

2) An ill-advised experiment by George Washington Carver circa 1919 in which an attempt to form an oil/sugarcane hybrid went horribly wrong. The anticipated "super-cash" crop turned out to be neither a source of energy, nor or a suitable sweetener.
1) A large hurricane is entering the Gulf of Mexico, interacting with the copious amounts of oil on the surface of the water, thereby creating Oilcane Alice, the first oilcane of the year. Residents of Louisiana should be prepared for strong straight-line winds, heavy downpours, and small oil projectiles that are harmful if ingested.

2) That oilcane tasted so bad, and it can't even power a moped. No wonder its only use is as the base ingredient in RC Cola.
by Tha_Wizz July 27, 2010
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