means "yay"(as in an exclamation). probably just a typo error when a person presses y twice
bob: "dude did we have any homework?"
cecil: "nope."
bob: "yayy"
by hi_b0b49 April 1, 2009
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Yaa - yee noun A sweet energetic person who loves to bite, but never bitten. Yayis' are wild, crazy party animals. They are leaders, no followers. They tend to not care of bull crap and always have time to make a person laugh or smile. Yayis love to joke around most of the time, but at moments they get super serious. Don't mess with them. They are good listeners and easy to help with sticky situations. Yayis are extremely good kissers and are easy to fall for. They care about others and will try to be there for anyone as much as he/she can. Yayis are good people and should never be lied to or fooled. They are clever, but have dumb moments at times. Yayis get easily annoyed for stupidity or when drama occurs.
Michael: Heard that Yayi was crazy at last night's party, wish i was there!

Vannessa: Yayi is like a sister to me. I can tell her anything because she's so easy to talk to and quite a good listener.

Drew: Isn't Yayi hard to get?

Elita: Heard that Yayi has never gotten drunk, or high before.

Taylor: Wish I can kick it to Yayi.
by BGFD August 11, 2011
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The amalgamation of the words ‘yay’ and ‘yippee’ allowing users to express feelings of childish glee.
- I was just tipped 100 Dogecoins, Yayie!
- Our Pygmy Hedgehog overlords just deregulated the wow market, Yayie!
by Nikhil July 11, 2014
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A sweet bisexual slut who loves to break hearts and bite at night.
John: Damn, my girlfriend was biting me all over last night and today I caught her cheating on me with my neighbor Denise.

Lucy: Isn't your girl's name Yayi?
by KGKB February 5, 2010
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