Used in almost every situation where one wants to express an emotion where they feel something was obnoxious, illogical, non-sensical, ridiculous, or insulting towards them
(Note: You MUST stress the "O" in "OKay")
Romin: You're mom's pretty hot.
Jack: Oh OKay.
by Alto December 28, 2005
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A term used when someone interrupts you or quickly changes the subject. Usually said in a more annoyed tone.
Aiden: Alright guys, so that’s the end of the vid
Nolan: WAIT! WAIT!
Aiden: Oh, okay.
by DopDopKiiid January 28, 2019
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What the order taker at Asian Chef in Brookfield, WI says to respond to Everything. EVERY-THING.
::Telephone Ring::
Asian Chef Order Taker: Herrow, Asia'Che~
Me: Hi, I'd like to place an order for pickup.
ACOT: Oh, okay.
Me: I'd like 1 sesame chicken
ACOT: 1 sesame chicken? Oh, okay.

Me: 2 eggrolls
ACOT: 2 egg'arolls? Oh, okay.
Me: 1 crab rangoon
ACOT: Oh, okay.
Me: And 2 beef on a stick.
ACOT: Ohh, okay.

Me: And that'll do it.
ACOT: Oh, okay. Bought 15 min?
Me: Sounds good.
by Spam Sandwich May 24, 2011
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Code word for "Do you want to have sex?"
Him: Will you go out with me?

Her: Oh okay thanks
by Jeremy.. February 15, 2018
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When there’s nothing left to say except those three little words, you’d use the statement of “Oh right, okay.” To reply to someone that has either a) hurt your feelings or b) told you something that you weren’t previously aware of.

Typically used amongst British people.
“So I told a white lie - I didn’t actually want to meet your family, I just felt like it was way too soon.”

“Oh right, okay.”
by fuckinwellpissedoffm8 July 2, 2019
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Expression of surprise, happiness, disappointment, or sadness (oh) in conjunction with "okay" (either earnestly or jokingly saying something is acceptable).

Usually follows a question with an unexpected (or expected but undesired) answer that the asker doesn't know how to respond to.
Asker: What did I miss in class yesterday?
Asked: Nothing, it was canceled.
Asker: Oh? Okay! (surprised + happy, actually okay)

Asker: Hey, you wanna hang out some time?
Asked: Why'd you think I'd wanna hang with you?
Asker: Oh... okay. (surprised + disappointed, not okay)

Asker: Hey, I heard you were under the weather yesterday. You feeling better?
Asked: Nah, I'm still feeling sick.
Asker: Oh, okay. (sad + not surprised, not okay)

Me: I need punctuation between the words for emphasis
Urban Dictionary: "Examples should include the word being defined"
Me: "oh okay"
by qedbep September 15, 2020
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