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An informant, or former correctional officer who poses as a gang affiliated rapper, know to be severely over weight and uses very small words. May be seen thuggin outside duncan donut locations flashing fake jewelery and possibly wearing a wire. Be weary of what you say around these creatures, they are also known to have ex's who do low budget pron flicks.
Fat fucks = officer ricky's
bald with a beard = officer ricky's
C.O's dressing like coke king pins = officer ricky's
by BIG JIGS March 30, 2011
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Rapper Rick Ross' new rap name after being exposed for being a correctional officer in his past but still rapping about being the biggest drug dealer in Miami. Made popular by rapper 50 cent in the song "Tia Told Me"
50:Damn officer rickyyyyyyy!!!
Officer Ricky:Rawse!!
by Burnaman February 24, 2009
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A police officer, corrections officer, FBI agent, DEA agent, etc.

The word implies extreme contempt and disrespect.

As made famous by the rapper 50 Cent's diss track about rival Rick Ross's former career as a corrections officer.

"Hear those sirens? That's Officer Ricky chasing after a suspect"

"Man I was speeding yesterday, and Officer Ricky pulled me over and gave me a damn ticket"

"Officer Ricky, radio for back up" -50 Cent
by kingwood69 February 06, 2009
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