Someone who decides to take something way to far for a laugh from his mates. For example Fezza

Jumped off his parents roof with a spear when he was 16 and ended up in the hospital laughing he is off his nut
Off your nut
by Sick lad Pablo May 28, 2022
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To be 'Off Your Nut' means three things.
1. To be absolutely fucked as a cunt from drugs.
2. To be crazy.
3. To be sick of or 'over' the nut that you are currently eating.

Is also commonly said 'Off Ya Nugget'.
1. Look at you! Your 'Off Your Nut'
2. Tom was declared 'Off His Nut' when he saw an alien steal his baby.
3. I believe that I am now 'Off My Nut', this 3ft peanut is too salty.

I was 'Off Me Nugget' last night, getting rude like a rumpig.
by Diego November 28, 2003
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To trail off on a tangent during conversation, and not realise that the people around you are beginning to think you are crazy.
Sam and Dani were conversing about politics. When Dani started on about political puns, Sam thought to himself, 'off your nuts, AGAIN!'
by congruence July 3, 2016
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