"Whenever someone is going to do something crazy."
Coined by Steezy Kane after jumping off the Santa Monica pier twice as a stunt for his youtube channel

Steezy if you're reading this I love you
by my butt itchy June 27, 2021
“When somebody does something crazy or complementing someone’s outfit
-Steezy Kane
“Yo your fit looks off the pier today.”
“If you jump on that trash can that will be off the pier.”
by Snowflake Detector November 17, 2021
- either when someone has done or is about to do some crazy shit
- can also be to describe a person's existence as a whole
- "Yo, Brandon just jumped off the roof and it kinda looked like Steezy himself!"
"That's off the pier!"

- "Ever since he got caught subbing to his sister's OnlyFans, Chris has really been off the pier"
"Ikr, I don't think he'll ever recover"
by thelittleoneill November 17, 2021
Trying to score with someone you work with.
Man, I knew that HR might fire my ass for fishing off the pier, but her ass is so fine, I've just got to make it mine!
by Pompatus of Love September 4, 2016
When you date someone you also work with. Can turn out to be a very violatile situation when it comes time to break up.
Joe: Did you see that new billing clerk? I am so going to ask her out.
Max: Dude, don't go fishing off the company pier.
by Helena Handbasket December 2, 2003
Dating at work is a recipe for a sexual harassment lawsuit.
"You don't get your honey where you get your money. You don't go fishing off the company pier."
by thefirebuilds September 20, 2006
To have sex or casual relations with someone you work with. The consequences are risky; that you will be caught with 'company fish' or potentially loose your job, or just be stuck working in an awkward situation.... but you do it anyway.
"Damn, that boy is hot! Ima hit him up at the staff party!"

"Yeah he is, but I never fish off the company pier. After the last guy, we had a crazy fight in the lunch room later. I learned my lesson!"
by Canadaslang December 24, 2011