1. Crazy. Exhibiting bizarre behavior.
2. Making merit-less arguments or defending ridiculous positions.
* Note: center pronoun is easily substituted.
R: When Stephanie & I get married, we've decided that our relationship will be based on equality of influence and mutual respect.
S: . . . are you off your meds?! Your opinion will mean nothing, you will be utterly powerless. Get used to it.
by tagz September 8, 2008
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To act like a biligerent pshyco lunatic to the point where it's dangerous in a savage and creature-like manner.
Did you see what my boyfriend's pshyco soon to be ex wife did to his truck the other day?! Dude I'm tellin ya the tin mans not all there! I was thinkin to myself,bit*h you are off your meds!!
by Black dirty January 2, 2010
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Used to describe someone who is tired of other people's bullshit and lies and calls them out on it. To deflect, the person being called out cries "you're off your meds".
"You're off your meds" the morbidly obese sociopath wrote when i called him out for lying about me for the past 11 years.
by Downvoting Victim September 23, 2020
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