Declaration, statement, that is not an official statement and can be refused later. It's an unauthorized Statement. Normally incorrect pollitically.
RT Reporter: Ok, and finally the last most awaited question: Tell me the true about the 9-11...

Unknown CIA Agent: Ok... I see you are very interested in it. I would tell you a story, but this I will confess you, it´ll be an off record. After you hear this you will never be the same person, and this burden will be with you until your death. Maybe you will prosecuted or threated. If you say anything and you say I said it. I will deny everything. Do you understand ?
by APOLOKIA GENOCIDE April 7, 2014
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They think they can just tear someone down with an off the record comment.
by The Return of Light Joker January 16, 2010
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If someone says something off the record it means they don’t want it to be publicly reported
Let’s keep this off the record
by 24/7 July 28, 2018
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