an interchangeable expression that is used to describe something 'awesome' or 'cool'. Often used when elated or excited over a specific happening or event. Can also be capatialised 'OFF CHOPS' to depict higher elation.

Often confused with the less awesome 'off the chops', used to signify one's ability to never get laid.
"Bro, how was last night with the missus"

"Esh lad, It was OFF CHOPS"
by Esh Romberg October 1, 2011
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Australian idiom usually expressed after dropping a good pill or after smoking/injecting some quality meth.
Man that's good gear I'm off chops.
by blind sponge April 7, 2011
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Having sex when under the influence of drugs. Usually very messy and lasts several hours due to ecky doodle.
"I'm sore from that off chops sex"

"how good is off chops sex"
by poo_bum_bum July 11, 2008
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1. Off the Chops
To Refer to an error, or to derogotise something or someone.

2. Off the Chops
Can also refer to something that is good, depending on infliction.

3. Off the Chops
Drunk/Intoxicated/Drugged/Messed Up/Smashed

4. Off the Chops
A musical term for brass players, often refer to their lips and musical ability as their "chops."
A "That pool shot was off the chops"
B "You're off the chops"
"That concert was OFF THE CHOPS"
"I've had so much rum i'm off the chops"
A - "You sound like you've been practising"
B - "Thanks, my chops are really coming together lately"
by Miguel20 October 26, 2005
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something fresh, new, player as hell, hot off the press, original, dope, etc.
"Damn nigga! That crack you cook is off the chop!!! and so is those J's you be wearin Mr. Man!"

"Damn!! Her titties is straight off the chop!"

It just means something dope!!!
by Chase K. da true. October 2, 2009
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