damn that party was wack asf odl.
by The boi pokeley January 6, 2019
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Short for Oh Dear Lord. Often used when dispairing at someone.
Person 1: Dontcha think Giles from Buffy is kinda cute?
Person 2: Odl...
by Jasmineemily January 5, 2005
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1-To be one of greatness; to label as the ultimate or best.
2-To achieve, to ruin or be beaten.
"I've never seen a dick so big. You are so Odle."
"Oh shit, you got Odled."
by Odle April 3, 2003
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One who can't spell Jettner.
"Fuck Odle, he can't spell for shit."
by Odle April 3, 2003
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Oh Dear Lord. An expression of angst. It has been known to be muttered by exasperated law professors who have had frustrating interactions with technology (see: e-mail.) This phrase can be utilized in a number of different contexts and by people of all different religions.
Sam: "I woke up to a giant raccoon going through my trash last night,"
Jimmy: "ODL."

"I have no idea where my pants are. ODL."

"ODL...I can't understand the battle of the forms. I think I will get drunk..."

Someone: "Let's go to Rick's!"
Most people: "ODL"
Most people after drinking: "Yes!"
Most people the next morning: "ODL"
by concerned citizen12345 August 15, 2012
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Your being an odling today
by Alex_hxndley July 20, 2017
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