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Odense (O-then-se, like the English "then") is the third largest city in the Scandinavian country of Denmark, boasting some 170.000 inhabitants. It's located on the middle island of Fyn. Odense is the historical hometown of H.C. Andersen, the writer and poet. The older parts of the city are beautiful and worth a look, and the city is very much built for bicycling.

Odense is often described by it's own citizens as "biggest suburb of Denmark", and people there often believe that if something or someone "makes it" in Odense, they can make it anywhere. And they usually do.

Although there are a lot of students in Odense, many of them are communters, and so you won't see most of them in town.

Best student pubs are Sir Club and Den Smagløse (The Tasteless). For a game of pool go to James Dean or City Club. For really good and more expensive beer go to either Christian Firtal or Carlsens Kvarter.
Hey, I didn't know you lived in Odense?

Nah, I sort of moved away and came back. I just like this place.
by Flex Johnson III January 11, 2012
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A little piece of s.. town in the middle of denmark. Reffered to as a student town. It has an Irish pub and a rich night life, where foreign students get a welthy chance to hook up with danish blondes and get their minds fucked by their vigurous breasty bodies.
It is also known to be a town where, the famous story writer, Hans Christian Andersen has lived.
And it rains there all the time.
Where are you going?

To Odense, i want some danish bitchez
by sutminpikdinklammeshiz March 11, 2011
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Odense is a town in the middle of denmark on the island "Fyn"(Fuen).
It is a student town with a lot of night clubs and is also the place where the famous write Hans Christian Andersen was born.
It also has The little mermaid and is also know as "The cycling town"
Odense is rainy but it also has sun!
by fotoply April 11, 2011
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