Hans Christian never drinks anything. Or, "hvorfor drikker HC aldrig nooooget"
by Anderssonnn February 19, 2012
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Hans Christian, or more known as H-C is the funniest guy on the planet. He is very loving and would be the best boyfriend ever, but unfortionatly, he's just recovered from a broken heart. But he's on the hunt again looking for new meat. He is probably the whitest person you will ever meet, and he's always THAT Danish guy. If you meet him, you will see what he's like and agree with me. H-C is soon turning 15 and I know that beacuse there's apparently only one H-C in the world because this is one of the only descriptions of him. Some people call him fish, but I think he looks more like a stalion.
Don't ever argue with him, he is for Dalstrøget and his gang will come for you:)
OMG it's Hans Christian, can I get an autograph???
by Zlanton January 29, 2020
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Strong,smart,big penis, amazing personality and he never drinks! You don’t want to mess with a Hans Christian!
Girl: He’s so amazing!
Girl 2: OMG!
Hans Christian: Are alive.
Girl: Faints
by Alphacosmicmale December 22, 2019
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Mainly in (queer-dense) fandoms, a gay man who proudly fantisizes about straight vanilla relationships of the characters involved. Usually a careerist, but can appear anywhere else if he's conservative enough.

After gay author and Danish citizen Hans Christian Andersen who got popular with his heteronormative fairytales.
-"David is such a Hans Christian. I mean, SonAmy is great an all, but it's not that special. And shouldn't he push for gay ships, since he's gay himself? Talk about supression of expression!"
by Cinamel April 19, 2018
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