Odalys is a girl that you would need in your life. She's crazy, funny, and an amazing Best friend. Whenever you see her she is the most beautiful girl around. She has her secrets but isn't scared to share them. She may seem flawless but she has more flaws then you would think. I have an Odalys in my life and she is the bestest friend a girl can ask for.
Your an awesome best friend Odalys!
by Beauty Gamer February 4, 2019
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a committed young twerk goddess with the softest skin thats softer than babies' asses. always has fresh kicks hair long face long money long. she just might x2 occasionally turnt also known as odeezy neva cheezy. face down ass up thats the way she likes to fuck and also tie her shoes.
damn did you see odalys last night?
of course not her face always down
by da bridge September 21, 2013
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Odalys is the finest,most talented ,showstoping,incredible mf you will ever meet. When you see her your whole world stops because she’s so incredibly gorgeous and hot and amazing in everyway. When you see odalys you will immediately bow down to her because you want her to step on you and degrade you. She is a maneater and everyone wants her. She’s a genius and is better than you at everything.
Yo I want odalys to be my baby mama.

Yo I need to change my pants because I just saw odalys.
by gamergirluwu09 March 4, 2022
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She is a pretty and unique girl. She is a caring person and will always be there on your side no matter what. You can trust her in anything. Girls envy her. She is also very attractive, popular, and has a good heart. Everyone wishes to be as cool as Odalis and are jealous that they can't compare. She is smart, goofy, lazy, weird, and crazy but is still awesome. Sometimes she can be shy but she is an outgoing person. People want to become friend's with her because she is really chill. She is really good at giving advice. She doesn't care if people talk shit about her because she is to busy loving the people that love her. People like talking shit behind her back because they can't be her. The boys want her so badly because she is pretty. Guys try to flirt with her and conquer her. Guys try to get her attention because they want her so badly. Odalis is just herself and that's what people love about her because she is an honest, loyal, trustworthy person. She is just Odalis.
Odalis is so pretty
Everyone wants to be like Odalis
by loving it :) February 6, 2019
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a beautiful unique girl who is incredibly fun and wise.

loud and has a lot of spunk.

girls wanna be her, guys wanna have her.

often immitated, but never replaced.

an honest and loving person who isnt afraid to speak the truth.
Odalis is just so beautiful
by KiddddddididDidd February 19, 2011
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Odaly is a smart and kind person. It’s very hard to find one. Odaly is a person that is to be trusted. Lovely,wonderful. Will brighten your day! They are shy but beautiful.
Odaly-kind trusted girl
by 2617 March 16, 2018
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Is a nice Latin girl with great attitude and cares about the people around her. She's creative and confident about the actions. She's lazy,weird,crazy but know when to act right at the right time.
She loves learning new things about the people around her. She loves hanging out with her family and friends
by Odali October 28, 2018
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