One of the greatest minds Humanity has ever known. A strategical, Militaristic genius from the Warring States Period Japan, who was once thought of as a fool as a child, eventually known as the fool of Owari.(The province his father ruled over) The heir to the Oda Clan and ruler after his father passed away, he went on to conquer one third of Japan in what started the Unification of Japan as a whole country. As one of the three Great Warlords of the time, he defeated every enemy he encountered, defeating much larger armies than his own, forcing other daimyo and shogun to step down and surrender. He was well on his way to conquering all of Japan until he was Betrayed by one of his generals, Akechi Mitsuhide(that asshole), forced to commit Seppuku at the Honnoji-in temple becoming forever known as "The Great Honnoji Incident." His legacy was carried on by his closest friend and general Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and finished by a once hostage of his Ieyasu Tokugawa having fully unified Japan under his rule for centuries. Nobunaga is still greatly celebrated today having paved the way to the single country of japan we known today. Widely known, and extremely popular hes depicted in many works of fiction and media, from books, to movies, to anime, to video games. Probably more than will smith. Often depicted as a demon,or villain as well as a hero in other works, his goal has always been to conquer both the heavens and earth as the "Dai Roku Tenma" - the 6Th Demon King of heaven.
Oda Nobunaga was a Great man having conquered one third of japan, he would conquered both heaven and earth had that asshole Mitsuhide not betrayed him
by FANGKINGCHANSU February 6, 2018
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An alcoholic drink infusing sake, rosewater; complemented with an orange twist. Named after a famous Samurai.
Me and George walked into a bar. I ordered a Artois, he puzzled the barkeep with an Oda Nobunaga.
by crazybipolarschizopheniac December 28, 2011
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