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An aromatic solution of benzene, styrene, and halogenic di-ethyl ether. Can be injected into the spinal chord in cases of surgery where the patient can not be fully anesthatized or for relief of joint pain. Octantin acts by binding to nerves and constricting the walls of the large blood vessels. Octantin anasthesia takes a few hours to wear off and may cause dizziness or weakness.
There really is no downside to octantin anasthesia except that it can linger in the spine for several days after application.
by Nu 59 December 08, 2010
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the purplish tinge left under your finger nails after plucking out a nasty splinter
the splinters from under Chlona's fingernails left a considerable octantin that required immediate attention. To sterilize she slipped the affected fingers into the three-quarter full glass of eau-de-vie that she sipped through a straw making sure to let the alcohol seep in under her nails.
by jennikins December 08, 2010
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a powerful paralytic fluid formulation comprized of benzene and styrene compounds to treat victims of heroin addiction and the side effects of heroin addiction including malnutrition, hypothermia and jaundice. Ideally it is injected directly into the abdomen.
Octantin works by paralysing the intestines and liver to prevent further internal damage or can be injected into the pancreas to stimulate adrenal function and psudeo-euphoria. It is thought to be one of the most effective treaments for heroin detox.
by AlisonSeth December 08, 2010
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A chemical buffer comprised mainly of benzene and styrene. Is used as a potent preservative of human tissue combining topical absorption or through injection as a replacement for normal cellular fluid. It creates a waxen druability to the outer cellular membrane, prevents cell decay and increases rigidity of affected tissues.
Octantin can be used in small amounts on skin to preserve a youthful aesthetic or in large quantities for the embalming of dead flesh.
by zarrythmia December 08, 2010
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