any negative (painful) side effect of smoking weed.

while usually just muscular soreness (possibly from doing something stupid while high), it can extend to common side effects such as bloodshot eyes and temporary memory loss if they're causing discomfort.

it can also apply to situations where pain is experienced while obtaining or preparing a joint, including cutting yourself by accident while chopping weed or getting a papercut from low quality rolling paper.

joint pain, although temporarily uncomfortable, is always worth the struggle.
timmy the stoner was too lazy to come to soccer practice due to his persistent joint pain.

jack: why is this joint blue?
brett: i had to use construction paper.
jack: so then what's with the red dots?
brett: joint pain.
by rikkythemagnificent May 25, 2009
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The pain experienced when you arrive at the airport with your pre-rolled joint, but you don't have time to smoke it before you go through security and thus have to throw it in the garbage.
"So how was your flight?"
-"It was terrible"
"Joint pain"
by Lurifaks9000 May 24, 2023
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