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Abbreviation: O.V. The coolest place to live in Virginia. Located along the Chesapeake Bay on the northeastern side of Norfolk, Virginia. The area is populated mostly by middle class, blue collar familes, watermen and the military. Because of its proximity to the largest naval base in the World, it has a reputation for minor crimes, drunkeness and boisterous partying. The now demolished Ocean View Amusement Park was featured in the movie, "Rollercoaster" (1977) and the made for TV movie, "The Death of Ocean View Park" (1979). The area is shunned by the weak and ridiculed by the ignorant. Local hotspots include Harrison's Pier, Greenies Restaurant, Thirsty Camel, and Mick's Pancake House. Unfortuanately all of the above hotspots have been purchased by Judy Boone Inc. and subsequently ruined. The people in the area are still great though.
Judy Boone ruined Ocean View. I can't wait for her OV empire to crash and burn after her idiot kids take control of it.
by jaybeeOV April 13, 2011
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The Technical Name For Lakeview,A Hood In The Southwest Section Of San Francisco,CA. The Main St. In Oceanview Is Randolph St. Most Streets In This Neighborhood Cross Randolph, Other Streets include: Broad St., Capitol Ave., Sargent St., 19th Ave., Head St., etc Where the 200 Block Of Randolph And the 400 block of Head St. Cross..Thats The Blue Mansions, (A Housing Project Were Most Of The Murders Happen)
Oceanview Or Lakeview Whatever U Want To Call It Still Is Nothin To Fuck It..Especially If U Are From Sunnydale
by AnonymousSF June 25, 2006
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In terms of jail/prison. Ocean View is a view out of your cell window that is something desirable and other than facing a brick wall, etc.
Hey man, I spent five years on that blcok, and i had Ocean View!
by Usl-spct August 02, 2011
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aka OV. area of norfolk,va filled with mexicans & run down motels & prostitutes & the other half is filled with white kids who either try to act hard or think they're some rich beach kid.also has the pier where everyone's parents hangout & get drunk. basically a bunch of nobodies from the dirty ass chesapeake bay.also shown by touching your index finger & middle figet to your thumb to make a circle, then leaving the other to fingers free to make a V. (only down on right hand. also home to many pedophiles.
if her pants are too small & her hair is gelled back, shes from ocean view.(OV)
by kristinaaaa August 21, 2007
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