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loser... someone whose life is going no-where
look at that beach kid... i wouldn't date him for a million bucks
by Kansas22 September 16, 2008
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The hardest in Miami Dade after the Oppa-Locka area. Beach high is polularly known because of the kids in the group known as “Shlat” and the gang “85”. Basically the rest of Miami Beach high is irrelevant except if you count the white kids that sit outside in lunch. Beach kids terrorize every party they come into and have fun doing it because everyone else that isn’t a beach kid is almost automatically a pussy. Beach kids bring guns to parties just to make little white boys shit themselves. They also smarter than everyone else, they use people and the people they use don’t even notice it. Everyone’s scared to say no to a beach kid because they no if they say no shots are bussin. But beach kids all have big hearts in the inside and for the most part only the girls will notice it because that’s the only white peoples they’ll bother to even talk to. White girls are the reason they go to white parties and gettys, and the white boys hate it, the beach kids are slowly takin all the white girls. Let’s also not forget beach kids aren’t scared to do anything illegal because that’s just something they have in them. Let’s not forget they have the most gangster slang and that beach girls that aren’t white are for the most part gross and musty or ratchet ass hell.
I was walking in the party and saw some Miami Beach Kids. They caught me staring I think they don’t like me now.
by MiamiDadeDefiner August 2, 2019
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