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What you have when you take a dump in public (especially on a police car) in NYC and no one arrests you. It tends to show a definitive lack of respect for anyone and anything in the immediate area.
Man-on-the-Street: Oh my god, that hippie over there is taking a dump right in the middle of that fountain!

Mayor Bloomberg: Don't worry, he's just having his Occupy Wall Street movement.
by 53percent October 21, 2011
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A series of protests of concerned U.S. citizens, mostly held in New York City, to end the corporate greed and political corruption that has been degrading democracy in this country for years.
Criticized by the largely corporate-controlled media (Fox News especially), but is still gaining ground and will (hopefully) meet their goal of restoring the power to the people, not just the wealthiest 1% of Americans.
The Occupy Wall Street movement is opposite of the Tea Party protests.
by Colder October 13, 2011
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The 4% of college graduates (and random homeless) who do not find employment within 6 months of their graduation... probably because they were too high to remember to send out any applications.

No one really knows what they're protesting, but whatever it is they're hopping mad about it. In defiance of New York City's zoning and sanitation laws, and with complete disregard for private property, the Occupy Protesters have set up a Hooverville-esque tent-city in the middle of NYC, sparking many other Occupy movements all of the country.

They have a never ending supply of condoms and food but they don't seem to know how to clean up after themselves (or keep the bongo drummers in line).

Overall, it's the next fad of hipster college kids with nothing to do except blame everyone else for their problems.
George: "Gee, Bob... I'm bored. Let's go find some free food, condoms, and easy girls..."

Bob: "You know, George, if we head down to the Occupy Wall Street Movement we can get all that and make a misleading and defamatory video that suggests some sort of imagined 'police brutality' on my new iPhone!"

George: "Golly wiz, Bob, that sounds just dandy!"

Both: "WE R TEH 99 PERCENTZ!!!"
by ConfirmedByReason November 15, 2011
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Occupy Wall Street Movement is started and supported by the White House, George Soros, and the Unions. The bottom line is that they need the demonstrating students to say, "We need to tax the rich" "We support Obama" In order to loot America for 4 more years.
Occupy Wall Street Movement enables the current 2011 Obama Jobs' Bill to get passed. This Jobs Bill is the same as the QE1, 2, Bail-Outs 1, 2, 3, Raise the Debt Ceilings 1, 2, 3.... which are all for the Federal Reserve to throw more money at New World Order friends and families.
by occupywallstreetalexjones October 10, 2011
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