The combination of something being obscene and insane at the same time.
Obscene can represant the amount of money spent. "That's an obscene amount of money spent for the building of that hotel"
Insane can represant someone not of sound mind. "Hillary hit Josh in the kneecap, that's so insane."
Hiram- "Hey man, the amount of dough you gave that chick for her strip tease was way too much. She didn't even show her tits."

"Yeah, I know, it's so obsane. I should have asked for some nipple"
by julia e August 06, 2006
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obviously insane about something.

crazy about an object.
addison "should i tell them im obsane about the jonas brothers?"

dayna "like im obsane about your pussy?"
by Pusssyy June 09, 2009
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