when you feel so triggered shook and tilted at once
by jrod jgod October 9, 2017
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Incorrect or in oppositon to the standard social convention. An outcasted person or idea. Ratchet
Yo Shontiqua, you been talking about that new juice clense. Everyone knows you just being oblique.
by Z-Swag January 7, 2015
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Holy shit, look at jeremy's obliques! Run before he oblique punches us through the wall!
by tcools777 July 8, 2011
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The meaning of 'stud'.
<etch> hay secksie, sup?
<Obliquity> Not much, just sipping my kool-aid.
<etch> leet, take some nakies for me, k?
<Obliquity> Surely !!
by Josh March 16, 2004
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- "see that circle? it's oblique."

- "i thought that had to do with cones?"

-"nah, man. it can be anything that's not straight."
by hayguise. December 1, 2011
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a big pain in the ass when you are doing word masters. It actually has like a thousand real definitions which i don't care to place
I decided to quit and get a zero when i looked up the word oblique
by pain in the butt sis January 22, 2009
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Just as straight fire means that someone or something is cool, oblique fire means that the person or object in question is not cool.
Man, that flamethrower positioned at an angle is oblique fire.
by Tuddle McGinty December 11, 2008
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