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A condition wherein someone suffers from obsessive negative delusions regarding Barack Obama. Those afflicted are often prone to propagation of false rumors about Obama in an attempt to discredit him, seemingly out of irrational fear of him and his candidacy. Misquotes, twisting of facts, contextually inaccurate statements, and flat out lies that play on xenophobic prejudices and exaggerated jingoistic nationalism are staple attacks used by the Obamaphobe.
I got another one of those bullshit chain e-mails about Obama from Ted today. That's the third time this week. Ted totally has Obamaphobia.
by lordjupiter July 15, 2008
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Fear of the political and social implications the radical socialist policies of President Barack Hussein Obama will wreak on America and its citizens. Certain ignoramuses think this fear is due to Obama's race, when in fact it is solely generated by the fact that he is, by a large margin, the most left-leaning President to have ever "served" the American people.
He takes too many vacations in times of incredible financial turmoil? You suffer from Obamaphobia!
You don't want a Volt? Obamaphobe!
You're opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque? Obamaphobe!
You think Obama's minion, Eric Holder, should have prosecuted the Black Panthers from barring voters at a polling place in the 2008 Presidential Election? Obamaphobe!
by what is freedom to you? August 18, 2010
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The irrational fear of anything associated with Barack Obama
A: Obama orchestrated Ebola outbreak in the U.S. So he could impose Martial Law and take our guns away.

B: Dude, you have a really bad case of Obamaphobia.
by Manolo CartegeƱa October 11, 2014
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