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Obama goggles is a phenomenon which inhibits monetary discretion to the point of unbridled acceptance of spending.
1 trillion dollars??? Let me put on my Obama Goggles. OK I support it.
by Diego Mendez February 14, 2009
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A condition causing people to think that Obama secretly believes everything they believe, but is pretending to be a conservative, pro-war, wall street crony, just to get re-elected.
"Obama is just saying and doing these things to get re-elected."

"Uh, dude, take off your Obama Goggles."
by punk patriot August 25, 2011
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Once one puts on Obama goggles, everything bad that occurs in the physical universe appears to be somehow be caused by the Obama administration. Put on your Obama goggles: If there is a snowstorm that causes a deadly car accident, it's Obama's fault. If a butterfly flaps it's wings thousands of miles away and causes a tornado, it's Obama's fault. If you're feeling constipated, it's Obama's fault.
My crazy conservative uncle has his Obama goggles on again. He's pissed Phil Robertson got fired from Duck Dynasty and he is blaming Obama. I hate when he gets like this.
by flagdecal December 20, 2013
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